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Lernstrategien im Lernprozeß. Analysemethode, Strategieeinsatz und Auswirkungen auf den Lernerfolg.

Number: 1
Pages: 97 - 110
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2000
Keywords: Learning strategies, self-organized learning, process evaluation of learning strategies

Self-organised learning requires the use of adequate
learning strategies in order to successfully
plan, co-ordinate and control the learning process.
In most research projects learning strategies are
analysed with the help of standardised tests (questionnaires).
Results achieved with this method indicate
a certain strategy potential, but it is difficult
to decide if students actually use these strategies in
(self-organised) learning processes. We therefore
developed a system to identify the use of learning
strategies during the learning process. Results indicate
that the strategies students used in this process
are closely connected with their success in