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Professional Error Competence of Preservice Teachers. Evaluation and Support

Krille, Claudia
Salge, Benjamin
Seifried, Jürgen

Teachers need professional error competence (PEC) to support students' learning from errors.However, recent findings show, that teacher students and teachers at the beginning of their careeer show a rather low level of PEC, while it is significanty higher for experienced teachers. Therefore it is assumed, that PEC can be developped in learning processes and a training programme was developped to foster it. Against this background, we evaluate the training programme's efficacy using measures that cover different aspects of typical evaluation indicators as well as important parts of (prospective) teachers' PEC. While first trainings did not support the commpetence development of the participants, results show that training is succesful if there is sufficient training time and content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge are offered in an integratet way.

Keywords: Training study, learning from errors, business and economics education, teachers' professional development.
Year: 2017
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Book Title: Professional Error Competence of Preservice Teachers. Evaluation and Support.
ISBN: 978-3-319-52649-2
Adress: Cham
Editor: Wuttke, Eveline; Seifried, Jürgen
Publisher: Springer international Publishing
Pages: 75-98