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Teacher Training as a Contribution to Teachers' Professional Development: Comclusions from a Research Programme to Foster Professional Error Competence in Accounting

Seifried, Jürgen

The following chapter represents a brief conclusion of the present book and it brings together the key findings of our research programme on teachers’ professional error competence. The structure of the book is as follows: Chap.  1 outlined the underlying understanding of teachers’ professional competence in general and the professional error competence (PEC) in particular. Next, in order to elaborate the necessity of a training programme for PEC, empirical findings on teachers’ PEC were presented in Chap.  2. Chapter  3 detailed the development of a training programme and highlighted key issues of the intervention. For the evaluation of the training programme we used computer-based testing. To control the effects of such a test format, a pilot study was conducted (Chap.  4) that examines potential mode effects (computer based testing vs. paper-pencil). Chapter  5 described the evaluation study design as well as the key findings of three studies representing the steps towards “best practice”. Taking into account that teachers’ motivation could influence the evaluation results, Chap.  6 offered a brief overview on the research of teachers’ training motivation as well as empirical findings with regard to our research. Finally, in the conclusion section (Chap.  7) we briefly summarise the main insights of the studies and give an outlook on further research in this field of interest.

Keywords: Teachers' professional development, teacher training, profssional error competence
Year: 2017
Link External Source: Online Version
Book Title: Professional Error Competence of Preservice Teachers. Evaluation and Support.
ISBN: 978-3-319-52649-2
Adress: Cham
Editor: Wuttke, Eveline; Seifried, Jürgen
Publisher: Springer Intersational Publishing AG
Pages: 115-120