Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

Management Quality, Ownership, Firm Performance and Market Pressure in Russia

Schweiger, Helena
Volume: 24
Pages: 763 - 788
ISSN-Print: 0923-7992
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2013

We investigate whether management quality explains firm performance in Russia. We find that it explains relatively little in terms of firm performance, but it does explain some of the differences between firms in Russia’s Far East and the rest of Russia. Firms that have always been in private ownership perform better than state-owned firms. While management practices may not yet affect firm performance in a measurable way, they may do so in the future. This conjecture motivates us to look at the determinants of firms’ adoption of good management practices. We find that market pressure, both in the product and the labour market, has some impact on adoption of management practices, in particular in the Far East. It thus appears that the economy in Russia’s Far East may function according to different rules than in the rest of Russia, as market forces seem to be stronger there, in particular, because the Far East is more exposed to foreign competition than the rest of Russia.