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Pricing Double-Trigger Reinsurance Contracts: Financial versus Acturial Approach

Schmeiser, Hato
Volume: 69
Number: 4
Pages: 449 - 468
Month: December
ISSN-Print: 0022-4367
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2002
Abstract: This article discusses various approaches to pricing double-trigger reinsurance contracts—a new type of contract that has emerged in the area of ‘‘alternative risk transfer.’’ The potential coverage from this type of contract depends on both underwriting and financial risk. We determine the reinsurer''s reservation price if it wants to retain the firm''s same safety level after signing the contract, in which case the contract typically must be backed by large amounts of equity capital (if equity capital is the risk management measure to be taken). We contrast the financial insurance pricing models with an actuarial pricing model that has as its objective no lessening of the reinsurance company''s expected profits and no worsening of its safety level. We show that actuarial pricing can lead the reinsurer into a trap that results in the failure to close reinsurance contracts that would have a positive net present value because typical actuarial pricing dictates the type of risk management measure that must be taken, namely, the insertion of additional capital. Additionally, this type of pricing structure forces the reinsurance buyer to provide this safety capital as a debtholder. Finally, we discuss conditions leading to a market for double-trigger reinsurance contracts.