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Multivariate Linear Rational Expectations Models: Characterization of the Nature of the Solutions and Their Fully Recursive Computation

Pesaran, M. Hashem
Volume: 13
Number: 6
Pages: 877 - 888
Month: December
ISSN-Print: 0266-4666
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 1997
Abstract: This paper considers the solution of multivariate linear rational expectations models. It is described how all possible classes of solutions (namely, the unique stable solution, multiple stable solutions, and the case where no stable solution exists) of such models can be characterized using the quadratic determinantal equation (QDE) method of Binder and Pesaran (1995, in M.H. Pesaran & M. Wickens [eds.], Handbook of Applied Econometrics: Macroeconomics, pp. 139-187. Oxford: Basil Black-well). To this end, some further theoretical results regarding the QDE method expanding on previous work are presented. In addition, numerical techniques are discussed allowing reasonably fast determination of the dimension of the solution set of the model under consideration using the QDE method. The paper also proposes a new, fully recursive solution method for models involving lagged dependent variables and current and future expectations. This new method is entirely straightforward to implement, fast, and applicable also to high-dimensional problems possibly involving coefficient matrices with a high degree of singularity.