Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

Evolution and dynamics of business models in the German biotechnology industry

Volume: 8
Number: 3-4
Pages: 265 - 284
Month: March
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2006
Keywords: Biotechnology; Business models; Business strategies; Deconstruction; Value chain; Entrepreneurship; Bioentrepreneurship; Germany
Abstract: This paper introduces the ''business model'' construct in the context of the German biotechnology industry. Four different types of business models are identified: the integrated, the layer player, the orchestrator and the market maker model. First, a brief summary of the current trends in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry is presented. After that, we describe four cases of the German biotechnology industry (Axaron BioScience AG, Evotec OAI AG, LION Bioscience AG, Mologen Holding AG). With the help of a comparative case study research approach, we show differences between business models and how biotechnology companies evolve from one model to another. This study shows that companies apply different business models and evolve from one to another.