Quantitative Economic Policy Seminar

The QEP Seminar is open to anyone who is interested in quantitative economic research.

Meetings are currently taking place either in person or on zoom. Please refer to the internal announcements for the specific format of each meeting (zoom meetings: registration is not necessary, the seminar link will be distributed through the usual e-mail list).

To join the list, please e-mail Ms. Corinna Wais

Date Speaker Topic
02 Nov 2023 Alejandro Sanchez Becerra (Emory University) Robust inference for the treatment effect variance in experiments using machine learning
09 Nov 2023 Nick Pretnar (UC Santa Barbara) The Causal Factors Driving the Rise in U.S. Health-services Prices
14 Dez 2023 Karun Adusumilli (University of Pennsylvania) How to Sample and When to Stop Sampling: The Generalized Wald Problem and Minimax Policies
18 Jan 2024 Chiara Lacava (Goethe University) TBA
25 Jan 2024 Hanna Wang (UAB/ BSE) TBA
01 Feb 2024 Almut Balleer (RWTH Aachen) TBA
08 Feb 2024 Federico Rossi (Warwick Uni) TBA