Neue Publikation in Games and Economic Behavior: "Division of labor and the organization of knowledge in production: A laboratory experiment"

Division of labor and the organization of knowledge in production: A laboratory experiment, Victor Klockmann, Alicia von Schenk, Ferdinand A. von Siemens, 2021, Games and Economic Behavior, 130, 196 - 210, Abstract: Following Garicano (2000), we consider groups whose members decide what knowledge to acquire and how to use this knowledge in production. If...[mehr]


Informationen zu Bachelorarbeiten an den Lehrstühlen von Prof. Friebel, Prof. Kosfeld und Prof. Walz

Falls Sie am Lehrstuhl von Prof. Friebel, von Prof. Kosfeld oder von Prof. Walz Ihre Bachelorarbeit schreiben möchten, lesen Sie bitte die Präsentationsfolien mit allen relevanten Informationen, die Sie unter folgendem Link finden. Wir setzen voraus, dass der Inhalt der Präsentation allen von uns betreuten Studentinnen und Studenten bekannt ist.[mehr]


Innovation and Strategy Reading Group

The Innovation and Strategy Reading Group (ISRG) is an open platform in which we (mainly junior researchers such as PhD students and Postdocs) discuss classic and/or new research papers in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy. -> Short description Please find the dates for the winter term  -> here [mehr]


Neue Publikation: Backgroundpaper for OECD-EC High-Level Expert Workshop: "Innovation-productivity paradox: Implication for regional policy"

Innovation-productivity paradox: Implications for regional policy, Thanos Fragkandreas, 2021, Background paper for the OECD-EC High-Level Expert Workshop series “Productivity Policy for Places”, March 3 and 5, 2021. Abstract: The notion of innovation-productivity paradox refers to the co-existence of exciting new technological innovations (e.g., artificial intelligence, digitalisation,...[mehr]


New project: "European firms's collabroation with Chinese universities: Forms and effects"

Cooperation of European firms with Chinese universities: Forms and Effects (2021-2024) (Prof. Dr. Cornelia Storz, Goethe University Frankfurt and Prof. Dr. Tobias ten Brink, Jacobs University Bremen; funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research/ Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – Ref. No: BMBF 01DO21007A)  Project members in...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in International Journal of Industrial Organization: "An experiment on partial cross-ownership in oligopolistic markets"

An experiment on partial cross-ownership in oligopolistic markets, Volker Benndorf, Johannes Odenkirchen, 2021, Journal of Industrial Organization, 78, Abstract: We examine coordinated and unilateral effects of horizontal partial cross-ownership (PCO) in a laboratory experiment. We consider homogeneous Bertrand markets where firms have symmetric,...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in The Journal of Law, Economics & Organization: "Incentives to Discover Talent

Incentives to Discover Talent, Tobias Brünner, Guido Friebel, Richard Holden, Suraj Prasad, 2021, The Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization,[published: 01. July 2021] Abstract: We study an agent’s incentives to discover where her talents lie before putting them to productive use. In our setting, an agent can specialize and learn about the same type of talent...[mehr]

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