Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d) gesucht

Im Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Abteilung Management und Mikroökonomie, ist an der Professur für Organisation und Management (Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld) ab sofort die Stelle einer Studentischen Hilfskraft (m/w/d),(20 - 30 Std./Monat) zu besetzen. Die Stellenbeschreibung finden Sie hier.[mehr]


Neue Publikation in Journal of Economic Theory: "Games With Coupled Populations: An Experiment in Continuous Time"

Games With Coupled Populations: An Experiment in Continuous Time, Volker Benndorf, Ismael Martínez-Martínez, Hans-Theo Normann, 2021, Journal of Economic Theory, 195, 105281 Abstract: We propose a model of coupled population games where intra- and intergroup interactions overlap. We analyze the general class of symmetric 2x2 games with coupled...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in European Economic Review: "Do preferences and biases predict life outcomes? Evidence from education and labor market entry decisions"

Do preferences and biases predict life outcomes? Evidence from education and labor market entry decisions, Uschi Backes-Gellner, Holger Herz, Michael Kosfeld, Yvonne Oswald, 2021, European Economic Review, 134, 103709. Abstract: Evidence suggests that acquiring human capital is related to better life outcomes, yet young peoples’ decisions to invest in or...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization: "Gender differences in social interactions"

Gender differences in social interactions, Guido Friebel, Marie Lalanne, Bernard Richter, Peter Schwardmann, Paul Seabright, 2021, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 186, 33-45, Abstract: We study how the random assignment of new students to introductory-week groups shapes subsequent friendship networks. Both women and men report being much...[mehr]


UniReport 2.21: CLBO feiert 10-jähriges Bestehen

Das Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations (CLBO) beschäftigt sich mit Themen des Human Resource Management. Den Artikel im UniReport vom 8. April 2021 zum 10-jährigen Bestehen des interdisziplinären und praxisorientierten Forschungsinstitut finden sie hier.[mehr]


Participation in recent collaborative BMBF projects

Cornelia Storz, Chair of the Study of Economic Institutions, Innovation, and East Asia Development paticipates in two BMBF collaborative projects. In the project „CEDITRAA“ - Cultural Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation in Africa and Asia (2021-24, approx. 2.1 million euros) and in the project „European firms‘ collaboration with Chinese universities: Forms and Effects“ (2021-24, about...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in "Management Science"

Middle Managers, Personnel Turnover, and Performance: A Long‐Term Field Experiment in a Retail Chain, Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Nikolay Zubanov, Management Science,, [Published online: 22. Feburar 2021] Abstract: In a randomized controlled trial, a large retail chain’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) sets new goals for the managers of the treated stores by...[mehr]