Money and Macro Brown Bag Seminar

The Money & Macro Brown Bag Seminar offers the opportunity to present your work and to receive valuable comments and suggestions in a friendly and informal environment. You are invited to submit work in progress or a complete paper. Occasionally, also speakers from outside of Goethe University are invited to present their work.


  • Questions from the audience are allowed anytime.
  • Lunch packets ("brown bags") in the audience are explicitly allowed.
  • Presenters have to participate in other seminar sessions, too.


Date: Thursdays, 12:00 to 13:00

Venue: House of Finance, Rooms Dubai (1.27) / Boston (2.45)

Contact: Nora Lamersdorf, lamersdorf(at)econ.uni-frankfurt(dot)de 

Date Speaker Topic
21 Nov 2019 Philipp Marek (Bundesbank, joint with M. Kötter (IWH & Bundesbank) and A. Mavropoulos (IWH)) Housing Demand and Credit Supply - Evidence from the German Real Estate Transfer Tax
28 Nov 2019 Alberto Cardaci (Goethe) Perceived wealth, cognitive sophistication and behavioral inattention
05 Dez 2019 Satyajit Dutt (GSEFM) t.b.a.
12 Dez 2019 Alexander Monge-Naranjo: joint with SAFE t.b.a.