Macroeconomics Seminar

Department of Money and Macroeconomics
Goethe University Frankfurt


Date: Tuesdays, 14:15 to 15:30

Presentation Format: in-person (unless announced otherwise)

Venue: HoF E.01/Deutsche Bank  

Contact: macro(dot)seminar(at)wiwi(dot)uni-frankfurt(dot)de

If a seminar takes place virtually, a Zoom link will be provided through the seminar mailing list. 

Date Speaker Topic
Dez 13, 2022 Rhys Bidder (King's College London) CBDC and Banks: Disintermediating fast and slow
Jan 10, 2023 Antonia Díaz (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Geographical mobility over the life cycle
Jan 17, 2023 Galo Nuño (Bank of Spain) tba
Jan 24, 2023 Michael Binder (Goethe University) tba
Jan 31, 2023 Tobias Broer (Paris School of Economics) tba
Feb 7, 2023 Fabien Postel-Vinay (UCL) tba