Macroeconomics Seminar

Department of Money and Macroeconomics
Goethe University Frankfurt

(Joint with the Research Center SAFE)


Date: Tuesdays, 14:15 to 15:45

Venue: House of Finance, E.01 (Deutsche Bank), unless noted otherwise

Contact: office.binder(at)wiwi.uni-frankfurt(dot)de

Date Speaker Topic
10 Dez 2019 Victor Rios Rull (University of Pennsylvania) Wealth, Wages, and Employment [Seminar is joint with Deutsche Bundesbank also.]
17 Dez 2019 Ilse Lindenlaub (Yale University) Marriage Market and Labor Market Sorting
14 Jan 2020 Vincent Sterk (University College London) TBA
28 Jan 2020 Plutarchos Sakellaris (Athens University of Economics and Business) Investment slumps during financial crises: The real effects of credit supply
04 Feb 2020 Alexander Chudik (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) TBA
11 Feb 2020 Philipp Harms (University of Mainz) TBA