Finance Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown-Bag Seminar is an ideal opportunity to present your work and to receive valuable comments and suggestions. You are invited to submit work in progress or a complete paper in all fields of finance and related topics. The seminar takes place every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm online via Zoom.

There are only very few rules for this seminar:

1. Presentations are to be held in English.
2. The seminar starts exactly at 2 pm and ends at 3 pm.
3. Questions from participants are allowed at all times.

To fix a date, contact Özlem Dursun-de Neef (dursundeneef[at]finance.uni-frankfurt[dot]de). Please always submit a title, an abstract, all authors and their affiliations together with your application. Please note that registration implies the obligation to deliver a presentation! We kindly ask presenters to commit to participate in other sessions as well.

Date Speaker Topic
19 Okt 2022 Vittoria Battocletti (Bocconi University) The market for carbon offsets
02 Nov 2022 Sebastian Schreiber (Goethe University) TBA
09 Nov 2022 Thomas Pauls (Goethe University) Dirty Money: ESG News Affects Consumption From Dividend Income
16 Nov 2022 Fabio Girardi (Goethe University) TBA
23 Nov 2022 Max Grossmann (Goethe University) Climate trailblazer or opportunistic profiteer: The role of bank branches as a channel for funding green renovation
30 Nov 2022 Emily Kormanyos (Goethe University) TBA
07 Dez 2022 Philip Schnorpfeil (Goethe University) Inflation and Individual Behavior
14 Dez 2022 Jan Radermacher (SAFE) Age, Wealth, and the MPC in Europe: A Supervised Machine Learning Approach
18 Jan 2023 Lukas Grimm (SAFE) Textual Information of 10-K Filings and the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle
25 Jan 2023 Philipp Höfler (Goethe University) TBA