Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar


Date Speaker Topic
07 Okt 2015 Zacharias Sautner, Frankfurt School of Finance The Retention Effects of Unvested Equity: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting
14 Okt 2015 Imran Rasul, University College London Measuring Aggregate Demand for Cannabis: A New Approach
21 Okt 2015 Andrew Schotter, New York University Learning and Mechanism Design: An Experimental Test of School Matching Mechanisms With Intergenerational Advice
28 Okt 2015 Ralph de Haas, Tilburg University The Limits of Lending: Banks and Technology Adoption across Russia
04 Nov 2015 Parick Francois, University of British Columbia A Theory of Minimalist Democracy
11 Nov 2015 Rema Hanna, Harvard Kennedy School The Power of Transparency: Information, Identification Cards and Food Subsidy Programs in Indonesia
18 Nov 2015 Robert Dur, Erasmus School of Economics Rotterdam The Effect of Student Feedback to Teachers: Evidence from a Field Experiment
25 Nov 2015 Stefan Trautmann, University of Heidelberg Risk, Time Pressure, & Selection Effects
02 Dez 2015 Jean-Philippe Platteau, Université de Namur Aid Effectiveness Revisited: The Trade-Off between Needs and Governance
09 Dez 2015 Theo Offerman, University of Amsterdam Defaults, Normative Anchors and the Occurrence of Risky and Cautious Shifts
16 Dez 2015 Ralph Bayer, University of Adelaide, Australia Does the double dividend of relative auditing exist?
13 Jan 2016 Jean de Bettignies, Queen's School of Business, Kingston, Ontario, Canada When Is Social Responsibility Socially Desirable?
20 Jan 2016 Rosemarie Nagel, Barcelona GSE De-Framing the Rules to (De)-Anchor Beliefs in Beauty Contest Games
27 Jan 2016 Nicola Gennaioli, Università Bocconi Milano Cancelled!
04 Feb 2016 Daniel Krähmer, University Bonn The Optimal Allocation Of Decision And Exit Rights In Organizations
10 Feb 2016 Joachim Voth, University of Zurich Cancelled!
13 Apr 2016 Rafael Lalive, Université de Lausanne Does Early Child Care Affect Children’s Development?
20 Apr 2016 Uwe Sunde, LMU München Coping with Complexity
27 Apr 2016 Jan van Ours, Tilburg University Revisiting Okun's Relationship - CANCELLED!
28 Apr 2016 Aloysius Siow Occupational choice and matching in the labor market
04 Mai 2016 Manuel Oechslin, Universität Luzern Smaller Measurement Errors, Better Economic Policies?
11 Mai 2016 Urs Fischbacher, Universität Konstanz Sanction the Seldom- An Experimental Study on Behavioral Sanctioning
18 Mai 2016 Stefano DellaVigna, University of California, Berkeley Predicting Experimental Results: What Experts Know
25 Mai 2016 Larry Samuelson, Yale University The Implementation Duality
30 Mai 2016 Tanjim Hossain, University of Toronto Mississauga Signal Correlation and Belief Formation
01 Jun 2016 Noam Yuchtman, UC-Berkeley Identifiying Ideology: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Americanism in Pakistan
08 Jun 2016 Jan Potters, Tilburg University Flexibility and Collusion with Imperfect Monitoring
15 Jun 2016 Tim Cason, Purdue University, Krannert School of Management Individual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies in the Noisy Prisoner's Dilemma
22 Jun 2016 Charles Sprenger, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego Taxes and Procrastination: Evidence from Boston Tax Filers
22 Jun 2016 Jona Linde, Maastricht University Good Nudge Lullaby: Choice Architecture and Default Bias Reinforcement
27 Jun 2016 Iwan Barankay Challenges and Solutions of Running Health Field Experiments in Behavioral Economics
29 Jun 2016 Botond Koszegi, Central European University Budapest Unrealistic Expectations and Misguided Learning
30 Jun 2016 Marciano Siniscalchi Structural rationality in dynamic games
06 Jul 2016 Alon Eizenberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Retail Prices in a City: an Empirical Analysis
07 Jul 2016 Michalis Drouvelis Prosociality Spillovers of Working in Groups
13 Jul 2016 Matthias Sutter, Universität zu Köln Parental background and children's cooperation in a PD experiment
20 Okt 2016 Daniel Gross, Harvard Business School Creativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Creative Production
26 Okt 2016 Nora Szech, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology More Effort With Less Pay: On Information Avoidance, Belief Design, and Performance
02 Nov 2016 Lorenz Götte, University Bonn Overcoming Salience Bias: How Real-Time Feedback Fosters Resource Conservation
09 Nov 2016 Friederike Mengel, University of Essex Gender Differences in Networking
10 Nov 2016 Galina Zudenkova, University of Mannheim Electoral Accountability and Inter-District Externalities
16 Nov 2016 Peter Schwardmann, LMU Deception and Self-Deception
23 Nov 2016 Luigi Guiso, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF) Heterogeneity and Persistence in Returns to Wealth
30 Nov 2016 Florian Ederer, Yale School of Management Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives
07 Dez 2016 Dirk Schindler, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) Capital Taxation and Imperfect Competition: ACE vs CBIT
14 Dez 2016 Jan van Ours, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam The Wage Penalty of Dialect-Speaking
21 Dez 2016 Erik Hornung, University of Bayreuth Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline
11 Jan 2017 Simon Jäger, University Bonn/MIT How Substitutable Are Workers? Evidence from Worker Deaths
18 Jan 2017 Stephen Hansen, University of Pompeu Fabra Transparency and Deliberation within the FOMC: a Computational Linguistics Approach
25 Jan 2017 Gani Aldashev, University Libré de Bruxelles Private and Public Firms in the Shadow of Coercive Power
01 Feb 2017 Bertil Tungodden, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) CANCELLED !!!
02 Feb 2017 Guillaume Fréchette, NYU Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma
08 Feb 2017 Catherine Thomas, London School of Economics In-House and Arm's Length: Productivity Heterogeneity and Variation in Organizational Form
24 Mär 2017 David Cooper, Florida State University Att.: Sem. starts 14:15 "Learning and Contagion in Teams"
29 Mär 2017 Michael Waldman, Cornell University Att.: Sem. starts 12.30, RuW4.202! "The promotion signalling hypothesis: a literature survey, and new research on lateral moves"
19 Apr 2017 Jacques Crémer, Toulouse School of Economics Migration between Platforms
26 Apr 2017 Heski Bar-Isaac, Rotman School of Business, Toronto Blockholder Voting
03 Mai 2017 Konrad Burchardi, IIES Stockholm Moral Hazard: Experimental Evidence from Tenancy Contracts
10 Mai 2017 Anandi Mani, University of Oxford Cognitive Droughts
11 Mai 2017 Jan Zabojnik (Queen's University) Firm Reputation and Employee Startups
17 Mai 2017 Markus Reisinger (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) Patent Pools in Input Markets
24 Mai 2017 Jérôme Hergueux, ETH Zürich The dark side of reciprocity
31 Mai 2017 Josef Zweimüller, University of Zurich Job Mobility and Creative Destruction: Flexicurity in the Land of Schumpeter
07 Jun 2017 No Seminar No Seminar
14 Jun 2017 Saumitra Jha, Stanford Graduate School of Business Valuing Peace: The Effects of Financial Market Exposure on Votes and Political Attitudes
21 Jun 2017 Davide Cantoni, LMU Munich The Polls, the Press, and Political Participation: The Effects of Anticipated Election Closeness on Voter Turnout
28 Jun 2017 Daniel L. Chen, Toulouse School of Economics The Impact of Economics on Moral Decision-Making and Legal Thought
05 Jul 2017 Jeanine Miklos-Thal, Simon Business School Rochester Making Sense of Restrictions on Online Sales
12 Jul 2017 Yves Breitmoser, Humboldt University Berlin Discrete choice with presentation effects
18 Okt 2017 Antonio Ciccone (University of Mannheim) Democratic Tipping Points
25 Okt 2017 Emir Kamenica (Booth School of Business, Chicago) Coming apart? Lives of the rich and the poor over time
01 Nov 2017 Giorgio Zanarone (CUNEF) Managing Social Comparison Costs in Organizations
08 Nov 2017 Bentley MacLeod (Columbia University) Aging, Retirement and High-Skill Work Performance: The Case of State Supreme Court Judges
15 Nov 2017 Sandro Ambuehl (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto) For They Know Not What They Do. Selection through Incentives when Information is Costly
22 Nov 2017 Florian Engl (University of Cologne) A Theory of Causal Responsibility Attribution
29 Nov 2017 Patricia Funk (University of Lugano) Policy Choices in Assembly versus Representative Democracy: Evidence from Swiss Communes
06 Dez 2017 Ayse Oencueler (Essec Business School) Future Ambiguity Effect: How Ambiguity Increases the Appeal of a Future Prospect
07 Dez 2017 Jean Tirole (Toulouse School of Economics) Marking to Market versus Taking to Market
13 Dez 2017 Mitch Hoffman (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto) The Determinants of Managerial Productivity around the World
20 Dez 2017 Greg Taylor (University of Oxford) Competing Sales Channels
10 Jan 2018 Malin Arve (Norwegian School of Economics) Dynamic Procurement under Uncertainty: Competition and Auctions
17 Jan 2018 Joachim Winter (LMU) Inattention and switching costs as sources of inertia in Medicare Part D
24 Jan 2018 Sascha Becker (University of Warwick) Human Capital Accumulation and Forced Migration: Evidence from the Post-WWII Polish Population Transfers
31 Jan 2018 Elisa Operti (Essec Business School) TBA
07 Feb 2018 Samuel Bowles (Santa Fe Institute) The Moral Economy: Why good incentives are no substitute for good citizens
18 Apr 2018 Dominic Rohner (HEC Lausanne) Information Dividend of Democracy: Impact on Political Stability and Redistribution
25 Apr 2018 Alexandra Roulet (INSEAD) The Causal Effect of Job Loss on Health: The Danish Miracle
02 Mai 2018 Nicolas Schutz (University of Mannheim) All-Pay Oligopolies: Price Competition with Unobservable Inventory Choices
09 Mai 2018 Tilman Boergers (University of Michigan) Strategically Simple Mechanisms
16 Mai 2018 Heinrich Nax (ETH Zurich) Dynamics in Buyer-Seller Markets: Theory and Experimental Evidence
23 Mai 2018 Charles Angelucci (Columbia Business School) The Medieval Roots of Inclusive Institutions: From the Norman Conquest of England to the Great Reform Act
30 Mai 2018 Uta Schönberg (UCL) Wage and Employment Effects of Minimum Wages: Evidence from Germany
06 Jun 2018 Rocco Macchiavello (LSE) Firing and Productivity
13 Jun 2018 Charles Bellemare (University of Laval) Life-cycle decisions, dynamic programming, and correlation neglect: experimental analysis of alternative decision rules
20 Jun 2018 Marco Casari (University of Bologna) Carbon is Forever: A Climate Change Experiment on Cooperation,
27 Jun 2018 Mike Callen (Rady School of Management, UC San Diego) Decentralization and Political Selection in Nepal
04 Jul 2018 Jan Stoop (Erasmus School of Economics) Are the rich more selfish than the poor?\\Evidence from a natural field experiment
11 Jul 2018 Andras Niedermayer (University Paris-Dauphine) Competitive Non-linear Pricing: Evidence from the French Automobile market

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