Completed Master Theses

Economics and Business:

• A Review on Financial Literacy

• Design Patent Analysis: The Case of Mobile Phone Applications in the USA

• Effects of Personal Networks of Top Management Teams on Innovation in China

• Entrepreneurship Among Women: An Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Gender Role Beliefs

• Exploring China’s state led industrial upgrade: Evidence from foreign mergers & acquisitions in strategic emerging industries

• Impacts of university and industry collaboration on SMEs innovation: Evidences from Industrial SMEs in China

• Innovation in Video Games: A Textual Analysis of Video Game Reviewers

• Innovation Performance of  Family and Founder Firms: Empirical Evidence from German listed Companies

• Lohnungleichheit: Technologie-induzierter Arbeitsmarktwandel und Job-Polarisation im Kontext des 'Varieties of Capitalism' - Ein Vergleich zwischen Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten

• Projektmanagement in komplexen Industrien – am Beispiel der Luftfahrtindustrie

• Survey Design: Innovative Business Models in the Digital Economy

• Role of Paterns as Signals for Investors: Evidence from Initial Public Offerings in Patent-Intensive Industries in the U.S.

• The Nature of Innovation: A Python-based Text Analysis of Selected Video Games


Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS):

• An analysis of business reports - Do translations change the content?

• Benefits and Challenges of Alternative Work Arrangements - Could the Introduction of a Four-day Workweek help Japan Overcome ist Societal Problems?

• Between Imitation and Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Patent Collaboration

• Can South Korea be a Lead Market for White Goods? Testing the Lead Market Concept

• Capital Markets: Duality, Dynamics and Valuation

• Charismatic Leadership. A comparative analysis of Akio Toyoda´s and Elon Musk´s shareholder meetings´speeches

• Comparative Leadership in the US and Japan

• Conceptual Design for Sensitization in International Cooperation Projects within the Automobile Industry

• Conditions for digital industry emergence: a comparative study on online games industzry in China and Canada

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Japan - An analysis of translation differences in selected CSR Reports

• CSR in Japan: The influence of the CEO

• Culture, (Over-)confidence and entrepreneurial activity

• Digital Content Industries. The Role of the State in promoting Innovation

• Diversity in work teams in China

• Does foreign investment have an effect on Research and Development

• Downsizing and Outplacement Practices in Japan - Evidence from Newspaper Articles, 2007 - 2015

• Effects of Employee Stock Ownership on Corporate Performance and Wages

• Energy Challenges in Japan – Liberalization of the Electricity Market as a possible Solution?

• Female Empowerment and Welfare of Daughters - The Role of Land Ownership and inheritance

• Financing of Startups in Japan. Empirical Evidence from Representative Survey Data

• Focusing the Poor: A Critical Analysis of Existing Targeting Tools for Microfinance Institutions in the People´s Republic of China

• From Savings to Investment: Logics of Neoliberalist Policy in Japan

• Infrastructure & Economic Performance. An empirical review on how infrastructure affects economic performance

• Innovation Framework and Economic Development in China and Brazil

• Innovation in the Korean and US Online Games Industries: An Analysis of the Technological Contribuition of Firms in Industry Development

• Is there a link between gender diversity in top management teams and firm performance?

• Job Satisfaction - An Econometric Analysis based on the Japanese General Social Survey 2010

• Labor market mobility and innovation - A methodological review of the literature

• Market entry decisions of service firms: the case of the Japanese Anime industry

• Measuring Product Dimensions in Video Games - an Automated Text Analysis Approach

• Media coverage on renewable energy development in Japan before and after 11 March 2011: the cost issue

• Mid-Career Changers in Japan - Motivation to Change Jobs and Effects on the Labor Market

• Organisational Identity of New Firms in Digital Industries

• Potentials and Barriers for the Expansion of Renewable Energy in India and Indonesia

• Shadow Banking in China: How Informal financial institutions act in Institutional Voids ans enable Market Functioning for Private Entrepreneurs

• Subsidiary staffing policy in Japanese and Korean multinational corporations: Agency and resource dependence perspective

• The Competitiveness of E-Sports in Japan

• The informal economy in North Korea. Trends in the academic research

• The willingness to simplify and forego consumerism - Intercultural reflections among Chinese and German students in Germany

• Which organizational culture leads to high performance? Based on Korean organizational culture




Japanese Studies:

Eine Überprüfung des "Varieties of Capitalism"-Ansatzes am beispiel der japanischen Biotechnologieindustrie