Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar (AMOS)

The Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar of Goethe University and Frankfurt School takes place

usually at Wednesdays 2.15 pm.

The seminar this semester is planned as a face-to-face event. Because of the current corona regulations at Goethe University all events will be offered at the Frankfurt School until further notice or take place online. Instructions for each seminar will follow by mail and will be stated on the website.


Contact: Guido Friebel, gfriebel[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de
Contact mailing list: Gisela Heichele, heichele[at]econ.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Date Speaker Topic
25 May 2022 Johannes Johnen (Université Catholique de Louvain and CORE) Deceptive Features on Platforms
01 Jun 2022 Klaus Schmidt (LMU University of Munich) State Ownership Biases Government Support
07 Jun 2022 Zoe Cullen (Havard Buisness School) What’s My Employee Worth? The Effects of Salary Benchmarking (Tuesday 12:30 -13:30)
08 Jun 2022 Alexei Parakhonyak (University of Oxford) TBA
15 Jun 2022 Frank Pisch (TU Darmstadt) Managing Export Complexity: The Role of Service Outsourcing
22 Jun 2022 Frank Schilbach (MIT Economics) TBA
29 Jun 2022 Christian Zihlmann (University of Fribourg) Hindsight Bias and Trust in Government: Evidence from the United States
06 Jul 2022 Luca Braghieri TBA
13 Jul 2022 Willemien Kets (University of Oxford) TBA
26 Oct 2022 Arjan Markus (TU Eindhoven) TBA
16 Nov 2022 Dario Pozzoli (Copenhagen Business School) TBA
23 Nov 2022 Jonathan de Quidt (Institute for International Economic Studies) TBA
30 Nov 2022 Estefania Santacreu-Vasut (ESSEC Business School) TBA
07 Dec 2022 Enrico Cantoni (University of Bologna) TBA