Bachelor theses

You may register for a Bachelor thesis at the Chair of Labor and Applied Microeconomics using the QIS system. For further details, please contact the examination office. The thesis will have to be written in English. Possible topics include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions: regulatory background and empirical evidence
  • Consumer’s elasticity to prices: asymmetric reactions to price cuts and price increases
  • Short and longer run elasticity to prices: empirical evidence
  • Market information system, food security and welfare
  • Measuring happiness and explaining the time trends
  • Spillovers and general equilibrium effects in randomized studies
  • Improving the delivery of health services to women in developing countries -what works?
  • Production and allocation of public goods in small villages – evidence from Africa
  • How does early access to formal education affect subsequent school and academic performance?


Completed theses

  • Gender Gap in Access to Immunization in Rural India (MA, 2016)
  • Female labor Force Participation in Rwanda: Evolution and Determinants (BA, 2016)
  • Evaluation and Comparison of conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America (BA, 2016)
  • Firm and industry specific human capital (BA, 2016)
  • The effect of IT Service Centers on Female School Enrollment. Evidence from Three Indian States (MA, 2017)
  • The impact of flexible working time arrangements on Work-Life Balance in Germany (BA, 2017)
  • Recent time trends and characteristics of the gender gap in Korea (BA, 2017)
  • The impact of migration and remittances on children's educational outcomes: empirical evidence from Tanzania (MA, 2017)
  • The determinants of educational outcomes: the case of Turkey (MA, 2017)
  • Femal Labor Force Participation and Fertility in Germany (BA, 2017)
  • Female Labor supply in Japan: The role of family structure (BA, 2017)
  • Women's career in Germany: the glass ceiling, the gender wage gap and the influence of motherhood (BA, 2017)
  • The effect of FDI on Human Capital: A chance for increased female education and gender parity in developing countries? (MA, 2018)
  • Career interruptions and returns to experience (BA, 2018)