Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



Financial Literacy Externalities
Review of Financial Studies
Haliassos, Michael
Jansson, Thomas
Karabulut, Yigitcan
Pricing Metrics and the Importance of Minimum and Billing Increments
Journal of Service Research
Skiera, Bernd
Schlereth, Christian
Oetzel, Sebastian
Investor Sentiment and Initial Coin Offerings
Journal of Alternative Investments
2020 Drobetz, W.
Momtaz, P.
Schröder, H.
Token Sales and Initial Coin Offerings: Introduction
Journal of Alternative Investments
2020 Momtaz, P.
Successive product generations: Financial implications of industry release rhythm alignment
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
2020 Hattula, Cornelia
Hattula, Stefan
Bornemann, Torsten
Happy-victimizing in adolescence and adulthood – Empirical findings and further perspectives
Frontline Learning Research
2020 Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger, Eveline
Heinrichs, Karin
Latzko, Brigitte
Minnameier, Gerhard
Döring, B.
Explaining happy victimizing in adulthood – A cognitive and economic approach
Frontline Learning Research
Minnameier, Gerhard
Perspectives on Participation in further Training - an Interview Study
Frontiers in Psychology
2020 Siegfried, Christin
Berger, Josephine
The role of leaders in inducing and maintaining cooperation: The CC strategy
Leadership Quarterly
Kosfeld, Michael
Household Finance
Journal of Economic Literature
2020 Gomes, Francisco
Haliassos, Michael
Ramadorai, Tarun
Cultural Determinants of Household Saving Behavior
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
2020 Masella, Paolo
Paule-Paludkiewicz, H.
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Nonstationarity-extended Whittle estimation with discontinuity: A correction
Economics Letters
2020 Cheung, Ying Lun
Estimating the Mean under Strong Persistence
Economics Letters
Hassler, Uwe
Hosseinkouchack, Mehdi
Harmonically Weighted Processes
Journal of Time Series Analysis
Hassler, Uwe
Hosseinkouchack, Mehdi
The relevance of depreciation allowances as a fiscal policy instrument: A hybrid approach to CCCTB?
2020 Petkova, Kunka
Weichenrieder, Alfons
The Growing Importance of Secondary Market Activities for Open-end Real Estate Fund Shares in Germany
Schmalenbach Business Review
2020 Gerlach, Philipp
Maurer, Raimond
How and what can Humans Learn from being in the Loop? Invoking Contradiction Learning as a Measure to Make Humans Smarter
Künstliche Intelligenz
2020 Abdel-Karim, B.
Pfeuffer, N.
Rohde, G.
Hinz, Oliver
Mobile Phones and Crime: The Protective Effect of Mobile Network Infrastructures
Journal of Quantitative Criminology
2020 Felka, Patrick
Mihale-Wilson, Cristina
Hinz, Oliver
Mitigating the Intrusive Effects of Smart Home Assistants by using Anthropomorphic Design Features: A Multi-Method Investigation
Journal of Quantitative Criminology
2020 Benlian, A.
Klumpe, J.
Hinz, Oliver
Equity Crowdfunding: High-Quality or Low-Quality Entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
2020 Cumming, Douglas
Koetter, Michael
Blaseg, Daniel
The formation of a "spirit of capitalism" in Upper Germany: Leonhard Fronsperger’s (1564) "On the praise of self-interest"
Journal of the History of Economic Thought
Klump, Rainer
Pilz, Lars
Möglichkeiten einer automatisierten Auswertung der Thorax-Röntgenaufnahme durch künstliche Intelligenz für Klinik und Praxis
Der Pneumologe
2020 Wenzel, M.
Chun, F.
Hinz, Oliver
Abdel-Karim, B.
On the economic geography of dual distribution — The case of McDonald’s in Germany
Economics Letters
2020 Freiwald, Nisa E.
Juranek, Steffen
Walz, Uwe
Horizon Confidence Sets
Empirical Economics
2020 Fosten, Jack
Gutknecht, Daniel
heap: A command for fitting discrete outcome variable models in the presence of heaping at known points
Stata Journal
2020 Yan, Zizhong
Arulampalam, Wiji
Corradi, Valentina
Gutknecht, Daniel