Gender Equality and Diversity at our faculty

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Gender Equality, Family, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination

Gender equality is a system of organizational structures, measures and instruments. Its purpose is to bring about genuine equality of the sexes on a structural, cultural and personal level. Gender equality aims to provide all genders with equal access to all areas of life in society, to eliminate structural disadvantages that exist for women* and to counteract sexual discrimination and violence.

The term diversity includes a variety of attributes, such as age, parenthood and care responsibilities, gender and gender attributions, ethnic background, physical and mental health, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sexual identity, social background and social status. For us, actively empowering diversity is a great opportunity to honor the diversity of our students and employees as well as to tackle discrimination and promote equal opportunities.

The current Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan (GEDAP, German version only) can be downloaded here.

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian
Equal Opportunities Council


New app for hearing-impaired people at Goethe University (here)

Crisis in Ukraine: information and assistance (here)

If you are a victim of or if you observe discrimination, please find important contacts here

Thank you for taking an interest in the topic "Gender Equality and Diversity" at our faculty! There are various programs at faculty and university level as well as at federal state level that aim to promote equality and diversity in academia. Below you will find an interesting selection of what is on offer. Due to the large number of available resources, you will find separate subpages for some categories, e.g. gender equality, which you can access via the corresponding icons. Resources that relate to other topics can be found under the icon "More ".

The latest Equal Opportunities Council of the Faculty of Economics and Business was elected on June 28, 2018. It currently consists of eight women* who belong to the following status groups at the university: professors, (doctoral) researchers and administrative-technical staff. The main task of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Council is to promote women* in our department.

The Equal Opportunities Council has chosen to focus on increasing the visibility of women* in our department and strengthening the development of early support measures for women*. It represents the (central) Equal Opportunities Officer in departmental matters, assigns members to appointment committees and is involved in tendering procedures and recruitment processes. In addition, its members are active in several bodies (Faculty Council, Meeting of the Equal Opportunities Officers / of the Equal Opportunities Councils of the Goethe University).


General recommendations / interesting information

  • Code of Conduct, FB02: here
  • Recommendations "geschlechterinklusive und diversitätssensible Sprache" (German version) : here
  • Process sequence in case of missing child care possibilities: here
  • Important information for parents at Goethe University regarding the current situation: here
  • "Kinderkrankengeld", model certificate in case of (partial) outage of childcare infrastructure, workshops and seminars: here
  • Central Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024: here
  • Handout "diversitätssensible digitale Lehre": here
  • "Digitale Lehre barrierearm": Readily accessible digital formats (education): here
  • Results of the qualitative diversity study on study experiences (German version): here
  • Publication database, e.g. including publications regarding Gender & Diversity topics: here

On Faculty level (Faculty Equal Opportunities Council, e-mail: gleichstellungsratfb02[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de)

On Dean's Office level (Lukas Stoffel, e-mail: lstoffel[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de)

On University level (Equal Opportunities Office: Equal Opportunities, Family, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination, e-mail: gleichstellungsbuero[at]uni-frankfurt[dot]de)

Central Anti-Discrimination Office of the Goethe University for people who experience or witness discrimination, have questions or need support regarding anti-discrimination (contact person: Jana Arnold)