Our Commitments

© Lars Gruber

To Our Students
We seek to create an academic environment in which teaching and learning are emphasized and continually improved.  We value each student as an individual and aim to support our students from admission to coursework to professional career planning.  We devote special attention to foreign students and ensure that our programs, while specifically geared to meet the needs of our traditional students, will make certain all graduates are prepared to be competitive in the global economy.

To Our Faculty and Staff
We seek to foster the continuous professional growth of our Faculty and staff, and particularly encourage the advancement of women. We are dedicated to hiring and retaining highly qualified colleagues whose motivation and expertise support our being recognized as a center of academic excellence. We are also committed to attracting the most highly qualified new scholars, acknowledging that our research concentrations help create critical masses that induce other top-notch researchers to join.

To Our Stakeholders
We recognize our responsibility to help advance the economy of Germany’s Rhine-Main region and beyond.  As a source of intellectual, social, economic and technological advancement, we serve as a valuable asset to our region's economic development by providing first-class research, advisory and university graduates.  We also aim to disseminate our research results to the broader public through the media.

To Ourselves
We are committed to constantly monitoring progress in achieving the goals explicated in this Mission Statement.