Former Faculty Members

Former Faculty Members and their new positions:

Name From New Position
Hon. Prof. Dr. Josef Ackermann 10/2013 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
JunProf. Dr. Pooyan Amir Ahmadi 08/2016 Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Prof. Rüdiger Bachmann, Ph.D. 10/2014 Professor of Macroeconomics, University of Notre Dame, USA
JunProf. Sascha Baghestanian, Ph.D. 03/2016 Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Roman Beck 02/2014 Professor of IT innovation management and leadership, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Günter W. Beck 04/2011 Professor of Macroeconomics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Hon. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bender 10/2009 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
Prof. Dr. Mark Bernard 01/2016 Stockholm, Sweden
Prof. Dr. Jannis Bischof 08/2015 Professor of ABWL and Corporate Accounting, University Mannheim, Germany
Prof. Dr. Tessa Bold 10/2016 Professor at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden
Prof. Cindy Chung, Ph.D. 11/2013 Business analyst, PCI Nylon GmbH, Germany
Jun.-Prof. Pramila Crivelli, Ph.D. 10/2020 Bank of Asia, Singapore
Prof. Dr. Matei Demetrescu 07/2010 Professor of Econometrics, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Germany
Prof. Dr. Malcom H. Dunn 10/2004 Professor of Economic Policy, University Potsdam, Germany
Prof. Dr. Michael Evers 10/2017 Professor of Economic Policy, University Hohenheim, Germany
Prof. Dr. Ralf Ewert 10/2008 Professor of Accounting and Auditing, Center for Accounting Research Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria
Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, Ph.D. 04/2007 Professor of Statistics and Econometrics, Albert Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Karen Gedenk 10/2004 Professor of General Business Administration, Marketing and Market Research, University Cologne, Germany
Prof. Dr. Stefan Gerlach 09/2011 Vice President Irish Central Bank, Ireland
Prof. Dr. Michael Grote 04/2008 Professor of Corporate Finance, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany
Prof. Reint Gropp, Ph.D. 08/2015 President, Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), Halle Saale), Germany
Prof. Dr. Peter Haan 04/2011 Head of the Department for Public Economics, DIW Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz 04/2011 Professor of Informatics - Electronic Markets, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Hon. Prof. Dr. Ottmar Issing 10/2004 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
Hon. Prof. Dr. Clemens Jochum 10/2014 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
Prof. Dr. Daniel Klapper 04/2012 Professor of Business Administartion and Director of the Institute for Marketing, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Stefan Klonner 07/2010 Professor of Development Economics, University Heidelberg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Achim Koberstein 10/2014 Professor of General Business Administration, esp. Business Informatics, Viadrina University Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König 07/2022 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krautheim 04/2014 Professor of International Economics, University of Passau, Germany
Prof. Dr. Dirk Krüger, Ph.D. 04/2007 Professor of Economics and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Dr. Torben Kuhlenkasper 10/2013 Professor of Quantitative Methods, University of Applied Science Pforzheim, Germany
Prof. Thomas Laubach, Ph.D. 04/2012 Senior Adviser at the Division of Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC, USA
Prof. Dr. Christian Laux 04/2010 Professor of Finance, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Miller 08/2021 Assistant Professor of Quantitative Marketing, HEC Paris
Prof. Dr. Paul Momtaz 08/2022 Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, TUM School of Management, Munich, Germany
Prof. Dr. Emanuel Mönch 12/2021 Professor of Financial and Monetary Economics, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Prof. Dr. Florian Morath   10/2019 Professor of Public Economics, University Innsbruck, Austria
Prof. Dr. Jan Muntermann 10/2010 Professor of Electronic Finance & Digital Markets, Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Martin Natter 02/2016 Professor of Marketing, Institute of Business Administration, University Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Dieter Nautz 04/2009 Professor of Econometrics, FU Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Martin Nienhaus 02/2022 Professor of Business Administration (esp. Financial Accounting), Ruhr University Bochum
Prof. Dr. Hans-Theo Normann 04/2010 Professor of Economics, esp. Game Theory and Experimental Economics, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany
Prof. Dr. Michael Overesch 04/2013 Professor of General Business Administration and Business Taxation, University Cologne, Germany
Hon. Prof. Dr. Manfred Pohl 10/2014 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jochen Reiner 02/2023 Associate Professor, Aalborg University
Hon. Prof. Dr. Hermann Remsperger 07/2014 No teaching responsibilities according to reasons of age.
Prof Dr. Christian Schlereth 10/2014 Professor of Digital Marketing, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany
JunProf. Ctirad Slavik, Ph.D. 09/2016 Economic Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences; CERGE-EI, Czech Republic
Jun.-Prof. Emilia Soldani, Ph.D. 01/2022 Economist, OECD - OCDE
Prof. Dr. Louis Velthuis 04/2007 Professor of Controlling, Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
Prof. Grigory Vilkov, Ph.D. 09/2014 Professor of Finance, Frankfurt School for Finance & Management, Germany
Prof. Nick Zubanov, Ph.D. 10/2016 Professor of Organisational Economics, University of Konstanz, Germany
Prof. Dr. Christine Zulehner 09/2017 Professor at University of Vienna, Austria