Accessibility Statement

This digital accessibility statement applies to the website of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt, published at As a public body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we strive to make our websites and mobile applications accessible in line with the provisions of the Hessian Disability Equality Act (HessBGG) and the Hessian Ordinance on Barrier-Free Information Technology (HVBIT), implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Status of compatibility with the requirements
The requirements of accessibility result from § 3 paragraphs 1 to 4 and § 4 of the HVBIT, which was issued on the basis of § 14 of the HessBGG. This website is not fully compatible with the aforementioned ordinance.

Planned measures
The website is to undergo a major update in the near future, in which accessibility will be addressed accordingly.

Creation date of the accessibility statement
This statement was created on 3 February 2022 and last reviewed and updated on 3 February 2022 (self-assessment).

Feedback and requests regarding digital accessibility
Would you like to report existing barriers or request non-accessible content in an accessible format? Please get in touch with our responsible contact persons:

Fr. Petra Buchberger
Campus Westend
Tel.: +49 69 798-18282
Email: buchberger[at]rz.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Enforcement proceedings
If your issue could not be satisfactorily resolved even after contacting the person named above, you can refer the matter to the Accessible Information Technology Enforcement and Monitoring Body. You have the right to contact the Enforcement and Monitoring Body directly after a period of six weeks. With the involvement of all parties, this body will seek to establish the reasons for any lack of accessibility so that the provider can remedy the situation.

Accessible Information Technology Enforcement and Monitoring Body
Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration
Seat: Gießen Regional Council
Prof. Dr. Erdmuthe Meyer zu Bexten
State Commissioner for Accessible IT
Head of the Enforcement and Monitoring Body
Landgraf-Philipp-Platz 1-7
35390 Gießen
Tel.: +49 641 303-2901
Email: durchsetzungsstelle-lbit[at]rpgi.hessen[dot]de