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At the Goethe University's Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, news is also offered through RSS-Feeds. By subscribing, you can quickly and conveniently stay informed about what is new at the Faculty. Please note that current browsers usually no longer offer an RSS reader by default, so you must first install appropriate software (see also below).

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You don't use an RSS reader yet?

If you are not using an RSS reader yet, you can find an overview here. Please follow the steps below to subscribe to the feed:

1. click on the RSS feed you want to subscribe to

2. the feed now opens in a new tab

3. please copy the URL of the feed 

4. Now open your RSS reader and add a new feed. 

5. paste the copied URL and confirm.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (or Rich Site Summary). Originally designed for the transmission and exchange of messages, the program has been extended to the private domain for the dissemination of information. From a technical standpoint,, the RSS-program is XML-based in which the contents can be read irrespective of the platform. What are the advantages of RSS? RSS-Newsfeeds is far more than just a replacement for a a newsletter:

  • No large and bulky downloads are necessary. The RSS-Feed consists of text information and a potentially smaller logo, thereby making downloading a quick process.
  • News is always up-to-date. As long as RSS-Feed is maintained, news can be published and read by its users instantly.
  • It is easy to see if there is breaking news. Users instantly receive a message when news is published. Users do not have to do anything.
  • Subscribing is easy: Copy the Newsreader's URL and paste it in the Newsreader and that's it. Certain browsers (i.e. Firefox) have an integrated plug-in which makes this even simpler. One click on the feed link and you're subscribed.
  • You will only receive the news that you want and without spam. In the case that the newsfeed becomes inundated with advertisements, you can simply erase them from your subscription list.
  • The newsfeed remains anonymous. Nobody can see which newsfeeds you have received.

What do I need to operate the RSS-Feed?
The requirement for usage is a reader program (usually called RSS-Reader or Newsreader). This program provides you with continous current information with titles and blurbs. If you are interested in a particular article, then just click on the title or blurb and your browser will open it for you.

Where can I find a RSS-Reader?
Many RSS-Readers are offered as freeware. You can find a large selection at the following address:

The most popular RSS-Readers are Google-Reader (web-based) and the FeedReader (Windows based).

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the information provided with your RSS-Reader.

Terms of use for the WIWI RSS-Feeds 
The RSS-Feed is the sole property of the Goethe University's Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Explicit consent for usage is limited to personal use. Commercial usage is prohibited. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration prohibits the altering of RSS-Feed information. Third party webpage or blog usage of the RSS-Feed is forbidden.