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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is among the largest economics faculties in Germany with an impressive research record and a strong tradition.

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In the Departments’ seminar series, external as well as internal researchers bring their latest research results up for discussion.

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Promotion of Young Researchers

One of the prime objectives of the Faculty is to educate excellent researchers.

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A paper by Andreas Hackethal suggests that banks tend to push underperforming stocks from their trading division into retail investors' portfolios

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Guido Friebel about incentive schemes for teams and a field experiment on the effects of team boni in a German bakery retail chain

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Conference Memos

Which conferences do the faculty's researchers attend? Which papers do they present? What do they take away for their research?

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Date Speaker Topic Category
21 Jun 2018 Eirini Tatsi (Stockholm University) Gender at the Corporate Top
Money and Macro Brown Bag Seminar
21 Jun 2018 David Heller The Impact of Financial Resources on Corporate Innovation: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from European Financial Integration
Management & Microeconomics Brown Bag Seminar
26 Jun 2018 Jun. Prof. Nathanael Vellekoop, Ph.D. (Goethe University) Inflation Expectations and Choices of Households
Marketing Seminar
26 Jun 2018 Bart Hobijn (Arizona State) Structural Transformation by Cohort
Frankfurt Macro Seminar