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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is among the largest economics faculties in Germany with an impressive research record and a strong tradition.

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In the Departments’ seminar series, external as well as internal researchers bring their latest research results up for discussion.

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Date Speaker Topic Category
28 Aug 2018 Andriy Shkilko, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University tbd
Finance Seminar
12 Sep 2018 Stefan Scharnowski A Tale of Two Cities
Finance Brown Bag Seminar
19 Sep 2018 Elena Carletti (Bocconi) TBA (@Bundesbank)
Frankfurt Macro Seminar, Deutsche Bundesbank-SAFE-Goethe University Joint Seminar
19 Sep 2018 Martin Götz TBA
Finance Brown Bag Seminar
19 Sep 2018 Dr. Rita Silva (University of Cologne) tba
Marketing Seminar