Our Objectives

© Lars Gruber

Locally Integrated International Education
To provide dynamic, global economic and management education to a diverse student population, capitalizing on the opportunities provided by our location in a thriving international economic and business environment.

Focused Research
To achieve the highest standard of research through close cooperation between the disciplines of economics and business with a particular focus on subfields where synergies in the economic and business environment in the Rhine-Main region are greatest.

Integrating Theory and Practice

To provide an integrated approach to learning by combining theory and research with practical experience.

Excellence in Teaching
To offer best quality teaching based on and supported by research, with an emphasis on quantitative methods, theory-led empirical research, business partnering and policy relevance.

Ethical and Social Responsibility
To enable our undergraduate and graduate students to consider ethical and social responsibility as a major issue.

Supportive Educational Environment

To provide a compassionate and intellectually stimulating learning environment through comparably small classes, faculty accessibility and teamwork.

Top Quality Students

To become more attractive to applicants so as to increase our ability to select top quality students.

Innovative Course and Degree Offering
To offer the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education degree programs that evolve with our changing economy.  

Life-Long Learning
To strengthen and extend the established executive training at the post-graduate level.

Internationalization of Research and Teaching
To strengthen our international character by being recognized as one of the most interesting and relevant academic faculties in Germany for leading institutions and researchers from around the world.  Likewise, we aim to support international student exchange and link our doctoral studies to leading universities around the world.

Distinguished Scholars
To form new generations of scholars prepared to conduct distinguished research and innovative teaching – and to assume roles as university faculty, research scientists and administrators.

Relations with the Community At-Large

To work closely with the local business community, acknowledging our tradition as an academic institution founded by the citizens and business community of Frankfurt. This includes partnerships with local private enterprise, government, international organizations and non-profit institutions so as to address pressing economic and managerial problems.  We integrate the larger community into our instruction (i.e. as adjunct faculty or through exchange with students), encourage entrepreneurship and likewise communicate ideas, knowledge and experience to the community by contributing our academic and/or professional expertise.