Contact Hours
Modifications of contact hours will be announced here. For the offer of our regular contact hours please see here. In addition we offer contact hours on appointment. Should you prefer this option please send us your proposals for a date via email or call us.

No contact hours due to absences

Anette Zell: 15.07. - 31.07.
Lars Pilz: 22.07. - 31.07.
Bianka Jäckel: 22.07. - 26.07.
Nathalie Radzey: 25.07., 01.08., 23.08. - 03.09.
Mareike Schulze: 19.07. - 29.07.

New Student Exchange Program
The Faculty signed an new Memorandum of Understandig with Jerusalem School of Business Administration (Hebrew University). The student exchange program is open for Bachelor students and Master students (BWL/IM) and will start in 2020/21.