Funding by the Faculty – The “Forschungstopf”

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The Faculty of Economics and Business has launched a fund with a focus on junior scholars. The aim is to support research activities of  postgraduates, Ph.D. students or professors, such as research travel or long term residence abroad, conference trips, fees, field experiments, proof reading or translations.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please prepare a proposal including budget that describes the activity that needs funding and illustrates the special gain for your own research progress. Please note, that from the 1st of June 2020 you must attach an evidence that you applied for an external funding. NOTE: Care for long-term planning.

Travel expenses and conference trips can be funded only up to a maximum of 1000 EUR. Please read the "Further information for application".

Please send your proposal to Peter Hering (email). There are six deadlines per year, by the end of each second months. The applications will be examined by the research dean at the beginning of the following month.

Please note, that you apply for the "Forschungstopf" BEFORE you visit a conference. So please be in time with your apllication and look for the deadlines: 28.02.; 30.04.; 30.06.; 31.08.; 31.10.; 31.12. (max. 2 applications per person p.a.)

And also take into account that per diems are NOT refunded by the "Forschungstopf", only your actual real costs (e.g. conference fees, flight or train tickets, hotel costs) upon original receipts / vouchers.

Special Funding regulations for expensive field experiments (>2 TEUR): Funding under restriction that you provide an evidence for an external funding application.

Special Funding regulations for long term research residence abroad (up to a max. of 2,000 EUR: Funding up to a max. of 2,000 EUR under restriction that you provide an evidence for an external funding application.