Foreign Languages for Economists - FAQ

The Business languages courses are designed in the first instance for students of the Faculty of Economics. However, students belonging to other faculties may also enrol one week before courses begin for the “Courses for all students“ if vacant places are still available.

  • Courses for all students: in the same language, no. You are allowed to register for two or three courses of different languages.
  • Credit-point courses: You are allowed to register for 2 credit-points courses in English so as for one credit-point course in French and/or Spanish.

Placement test English

Placement test French

Placement test Spanish

You must log on with your HRZ-Account and then register before you can start the test.

Please fill in the bank remittance as follows:

•  Empfänger (recipient): J. W. Goethe Universität

•  IBAN: DE 95 500 500 00 000 100 6410 - BIC/SWIFT HELA DE FF

•  Verwendungszweck (particulars of course - code number, etc):
Please do not forget to write the invoice number on your bank remittance so that our booking and payment system can easily recognise your payment. The invoice number can be found in your confirmation e-mail.

You can download it and also print it out via the website of the University's Data-Processing Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum) by using your HRZ-password.

The registration for the Qualifying Test is done automatically with the enrolment for the course.

If you study Business Administration or Economics as a registered minor you can register at the same time with the other students from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

The language level you require for your application can be found in the respective advertising material from the university you have chosen: https://www.wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de/en/international/studying-abroad.html

Courses for all Students: Your grades will be on your certificate, which will be emailed to you approximately 6 weeks after the course ends.

Credit-Point Courses and Master’s Course: You can check your grades password protected in QIS.

Each semester there are 2-3 dates on which you can pick up your certificate in the counselling office located in RuW 1.203 (1st floor, to the right of the door to the dean's office corridor). These dates are announced at the beginning of the semester.

If you are unable to collect your certificate in person, you may send us a stamped envelope so that we can send you your language certificate by post.

All questions should be sent via e-mail. All questions appertaining to the department languages for economists will be answered in this form.  We would kindly request that you use this contact address and not contact our instructors directly. Questions that can only be answered by an instructor will be forwarded to them.

No, the placement test for the "Courses for all students" is not compulsory and does not lead to automatic enrolment in the respective course. This test only serves to assess your language level. However, we strongly recommend that you adhere to the corresponding result when registering for the course.

The qualifying test for the Credit-point courses is compulsory for all students who have not yet successfully completed a Credit-point course in the respective language. The only exception to this requirement is the possession of one of the following English language certificates, which would allow for a waiver of the compulsory participation in the Bachelor Credit-Point Courses in English:

Cambridge Certificate C1

TOEFL test from 100 points

IELTS test from 7.5 pts.

Typically, the registration phase commences three weeks prior to the initiation of lectures and concludes subsequent to the first week of said lectures. The enrolment process for the "Courses for all students" traditionally begins a few days in advance of the "Credit-point courses".


Winter semester 2023/24:


Courses for all students: 28.9.2023 (9 a.m.) to 26.10.2023 (12 noon).

Credit-point courses, Master's Course: 02.10.2023 (9 a.m.) to 12.10.2023 (12 p.m.)

All business language courses start from 16 October 2023.