Researchers conducted a globally representative survey and showed broad support for climate protection for the first time / However, the willingness of others to do something about climate protection is systematically underestimated.[more]

Prof. Rainer Haselmann, Chair of Finance, Accounting and Taxation at Goethe Universität, now forms part of the IMFS Executive Board. In December 2023, he joined as a Research Professor. In this capacity, he essentially supports the new Financial Stability Initiative at the IMFS.[more]

On November 20, an outstanding, practice-relevant doctoral thesis from the Department of Economics was awarded the IHK Dissertation Prize in a festive ceremony: Dr. Konstantin Bräuer receives the IHK Dissertation Prize 2023, endowed with 6,000 euros, for his work "Essays on Household Finance". Congratulations to him! Information on the prize can be found here. [more]

These days, news articles about current events seem to be available everywhere and at any time. However, which content do we choose? Do we tend to read and like articles that confirm our prior beliefs and convictions? And how are these beliefs and convictions affected by what we read? A new paper by Ester Faia and co-authors, which will be published in the journal Review of Economics and...[more]

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, outstanding professors* of Goethe University were awarded the prize for the best doctoral supervision by the Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers (GRADE). The prize was awarded for the fourth time and this years number of nominees was higher than ever before. Among the 43 nominees were supervisors from all departments, who were invited together with...[more]

Almost all of us see them every day. On the way to work, in the waiting room, or just before falling asleep. Whether as a reel, story or TikTok clip - short videos have become an established means of marketing communication and entertainment and it is hard to imagine our everyday lives without them. Successful short videos attract the attention of social media users - and according to the...[more]

Together with Prof. Lars P. Feld and Prof. Christoph M. Schmidt, Prof. Volker Wieland has received the 2023 Regulatory Policy Award from the German Business Association of Family Companies. The three former members of the German Council of Economic Experts were honored for their joint opinion piece "Time has come for supply-oriented fiscal policy," which was published in the "Frankfurter...[more]

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