Partner Universities

The Faculty of Economics and Business promotes student's international mobility through close cooperation with currently 137 recognized universities in Europe, the US, Central and Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. The Faculty's existing international network is constantly being extended through the addition of select academic institutions.

Studies Abroad at Partner Universities during the Bachelor Phase
Additional information can be obtained from the the Faculty´s International Office and the webpages.

Studies Abroad at Partner Universities during the Master Phase
For information, please refer to the Faculty´s International Office (Ms. Voigtländer) and to its internet pages.

Tuition Fees
At partner universities, one semester of tuition is generally free of charge, or significantly reduced. One - five spots are reserved for students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies which is stipulated by bilateral agreements.

Study abroad scholarships are available for academic stays at European partner universities which is completed within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program. For non-European exchange programs students may apply for a PROMOS Scholarship at the Goethe University's Global Office.

Accomodation at the Host University
At some partner universities, lodging in dormitories is available.