Endowed Chairs

© Uwe Dettmar

With its transformation into an endowment university on January 1, 2008, the Goethe-University connected to its roots:

In 1914, it was founded by the citizens of Frankfurt as the first endowment university in Germany. Endowments have always been very important for the Faculty of Economics and Business, too. Today, we have the following endowed chairs and endowed junior professorships.

  • Chair of Monetary Economics: Website
  • German Insurance Association GDV Chair of Insurance and Regulation: Website
  • House of Finance Professor (W1) of Real Estate Finance (sponsored by Helaba): Website

Endowed Visiting Professors:

  • Christoph von Metzler Visiting Professorship (Metzler Bank): Website
  • Metzler and Edmond de Rothschild Bank Visiting Professor in Financial History (Metzler and Edmond de Rothschild Bank): Website
  • Raymond Barre Endowed Professorship at the Wilhelm Merton-Zentrum (Aventis-Foundation) 

Former Endowments:

  • Chair of Private Equity
  • House of Finance Junior Professor of Real Estate Finance 1 (sponsored by Helaba)
  • House of Finance Junior Professor of Sustainable Banking (sponsored by DekaBank)
  • Messe Frankfurt Chair of International Economic Policy
  • Deutsche Telekom Endowed Chair of Mobile Business and Multilateral Security
  • House of Finance Endowed Chair of Personal Finance - Sponsored by DZ BANK-Foundation
  • House of Finance Chair of Sustainable Asset Management - Sponsored by DekaBank
  • House of Finance-endowed Chair of Sustainable Banking and Finance - endowed by DekaBank
  • E-Finance-Lab Endowed Junior Professorship of E-Finance & Services Science
  • Hans Strothoff Endowed Chair of Retailing
  • BVI Endowed Chair of Investment, Portfolio Management, and Pension Finance
  • Detlef-Hübner-Endowed Chair of Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  • E-Finance-Lab Endowed Chair of E-Finance & Securities Trading
  • E-Finance-Lab Endowed Junior Professorshipof E-Finance & Electronic Markets
  • Klein&Coll. Endowed Chair of Mergers and Acquisitions in Small Business
  • House of Finance-endowed Chair of Finance and Accounting - endowed by Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
  • UBS Endowed Chair of Strategic Management
  • UBS Endowed Chair of Finance (Asset Pricing)
  • Chair of Finance and Economics (Founder: Foundation "Geld und Währung")
  • EUREX Endowed Junior Professorship of Derivatives