Master Graduation Ceremony

We are pleased to celebrate the next Master Graduation with all graduates. The next celebration will take place on

Friday, December 9, 2022 at 4 p.m. in the Festsaal Casino, Westend campus


4.00 p.m. Welcome
4.15 p.m. Commemorative speech
4.40 p.m. Awarding of the Master Certificate
5.30 p.m. Photo shoot for all graduates
Information about the invitation

For the event can’t be considered, who has "preliminary passed" at this time (until November 11, 2022), because the Department would honour the best under the graduates which requires a complete transcript. Please note that this date must occur before the delivery of invitations, as reports and notes are only entered into the system. Future graduates will then be invited to the next graduation ceremony. Caps and gowns for the ceremony are provided by the Faculty on a loan basis. More information will be provided after your registration. Graduates who have registered for the cancelled 2021 graduation and received the offer of a farewell letter by email, cannot be admitted for the 2022 graduation due to capacity reasons.

For questions, you can reach us by email.