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Dynamics of Regional Integration

Abstract: The long-run effects of regional integration are analyzed in this book. On the basis of the development of a model of endogenous regional growth (which combines an endogenous growth model with aspects of "new" economic geography) and an empirical analysis of stylized facts for the European case, the monograph looks on mechanisms by which regional integration measures affect long-run growth rates as well as production and trade patterns. Integration measures include trade liberalization, liberalization of factor flows, harmonization of policies as well as an enlargement of an integration bloc. The previous literature has always stressed the importance of such growth rate effects of regional integration, but has not - due to the lack of an appropriate theoretical framework, analyzed these effects in detail. The study present is a step towards closing this gap in the literature.
Year: 1999
ISBN: 3790811858
Publisher: Physica-Verlag
Edition: 1.