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Investigating Diversity in the Banking Sector in Europe: Key Events, Performance and the Role of Cooperative Banks

Ayadi, Rym
Llewellyn, David T.
Arbak, Emrah
Groen, Willem Pieter De

This book investigates the merits of a diverse banking system with a special focus on the performance and role of cooperative banks in seven European countries where they are prominent (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain). The theoretical and empirical arguments that are developed in this book tend to support the view that it is economically beneficial to have stakeholder-value banks with a dual bottom-line function, such as cooperative banks. For those who accept this premise, it would suggest that policy-makers should not take or support actions that could jeopardise this valuable element of the financial system in various countries in Europe and of the emerging integrated European financial system. Netherlands and Spain) mainly with respect to the performance of such banks, their stability characteristics, their role in terms of competition, and the contribution these institutions make to regional development.

Year: 2010
Link External Source: Online Version
ISBN: 978-9461380425
Publisher: Center for European Policy
Adress: Brussels, 2010