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Characteristics of biotechnology mergers and acquisitions

Abstract: This chapter deals with the characteristics of biotechnology mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Analysis of the development of the biotechnology industry from scientific and organizational perspectives leads to the conclusion that a strategic consolidation in the biotechnology industry will take place. M&A activities in the biotechnology industry are driven by the motive to internationalize research and development, to take part in the industry’s development process, as well as to realize the biotech firm’s growth strategy. A successful post-acquisition integration of biotechnology M&A deals requires careful consideration of culture, people, and organizational integration. The latter deals in particular with the experience effect, knowledge transfer, and the question of how to measure M&A success. Especially pharmaceutical companies need to apply a hybrid post-acquisition integration approach, with simultaneous short- and long-term motives/orientations and segmentation at a different pace across different value-chain components in order to successfully integrate an acquired biotechnology firm.
Keywords: mergers and acquisitions; biotechnology; strategy; post-acquisition integration; cultural integration; people integration; organizational integration; knowledge transfer
Year: 2012
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Book Title: The Handbook of Mergers and Acquisitions
ISBN: 9780199601462
Editor: Faulkner, D., Teerikangas, S., Joseph, R.J.
Publisher: Oxford University Press