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Occupational exploration in German secondary school: what it is, how schools foster it, and how students perceive this support

Heinrichs, Karin

The transition from school to work or university is a big challenge even for students attending grammar schools (Gymnasien) in Germany, a challenge that is growing increasingly daunting due to the current explosion of available vocational training opportunities and university study programmes. Students have to research all the information relevant to their particular career choice and decide which occupation will best fit their interests and abilities. Kracke (2001) or Blustein et al. (1994) call this kind of behaviour 'occupational exploration'. It is therefore common for ...  [+] Show more

Keywords: Career exploration; Career choice; Career guidance; Secondary school; Institutional role; Client satisfaction; Student behaviour; Transition from education and training to employment
Year: 2013
Book Title: Transitions in Vocational Education. Research in Vocational Education
ISBN: 3-8474-0017-7
Editor: Wuttke, Eveline; Seifried, Jürgen
Volume: 2
Pages: 37 - 55