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Fuzzy Clustering of Web User Profiles for Analyzing their Behavior and Interests

Hoebel, Natascha

One of the keys to building effective e-customer relationships is an understanding of consumer behavior online. However, analyzing the behavior of customers online is not necessarily an indicator of their interests. Therefore, building profiles of registered users of a website is of importance if it goes beyond collecting obvious information the user is willing to give at the time of the registration. These user profiles can contribute to the analysis of the users’ interests. Important tools for the analysis are data-mining techniques, for example, the clustering of collected user information. This chapter addresses the problem of how to define, calculate, and visualize fuzzy clusters of Web visitors with respect to their behavior and supposed interests. This chapter shows how to cluster Web users based on their profile and by their similar interests in several topics using the fuzzy and hybrid CORD (Clustering of Ordinal Data) clustering system, which is part of the Gugubarra Framework.

Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-1466600959
Publisher: IGI Global
Editor: Meier, Andreas / Donzé, Laurent