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Evolutionary Quantum Game Theory and Scientific Communication

Hanauske, Matthias
Dugall, Berndt
Year: 2010

Quantum game theory is a mathematical and conceptual amplification of classical game theory. The space of all conceivable decision paths is extended from the purely rational, measurable space in the Hilbertspace of complex numbers. Trough the concept of a potential entanglement of the imaginary quantum strategy parts, it is possible to include corporate decision path, caused by cultural or moral standards. If this strategy entanglement is large enough, then, additional Nash-equilibria can occur, previously present dominant strategies could become nonexistent and new evolutionary stable strategies can appear. This article focuses on a quantum amplification of an evolutionary (2 player)-(2 strategy) - coordination game and shows, that the different publication norms of scientific authors additionally depend on their strategic entanglement strength . If the strength of entanglement exceeds a certain value, a phase transition within the whole population occurs, reaching the global optimum of the underlying coordination game.