Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

Sozialkompetenz als Moralkompetenz – theoretische und empirische Analysen

Heinrichs, Karin
Kirschbaum, Felicia
Volume: 112
Number: 4
Pages: 636 - 666
ISSN-Print: 0172-2875
Year: 2016

While the meaning and reference of“social competence” has remained unclear – even a er decades of research – the competence of moral judgement and action is rather well investigated, both theoretically and empirically. And there is reason to assume that this com- petence acounts for great deal of what we commonly conceive as social competence. Even so, however, major controversies persist in this area, e. g. in the context of the “Happy Victimzer”, for which there are competing explanations that imply diverging normative interpretations. e paper informs on pa erns of moral reasoning and emotion based on two framings of the pri- sioners’ dilemma, and it reports di erences between students of (1) economics and business administration, (2) business and economics education as well as teacher students (studying subjects other than economics and business adminstration). Among those who intend to be- come teachers, these di erences might point to di erent didactic orientations in terms of social competence. Moreover, the contribution o ers a novel economic theory of morality, in which moral principles function as “institutions” in the sense of institution economics.