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Solvency II: A Driver for Mergers and Acquisitions?

Stoyanova, Rayna
Volume: 39
Number: 3
Pages: 417 - 439
Month: July
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2014
Keywords: Insurance regulation; Solvency II; Mergers and acquisitions; Capital efficiency; Geographic diversification

The European insurance industry is awaiting the new EU-wide harmonised Solvency II framework. Before its introduction, it is important to find out which incentive effects can arise from it. Practitioners predict a trend towards consolidation in the insurance sector due to recognition of geographic diversification effects in Solvency II’s standard formula. This paper studies whether the new European regulation standards will constitute a driver for mergers and acquisitions in the non-life insurance sector. We identify situations in which consolidation becomes profitable. Our results indicate that the Solvency II framework may lead to an enhanced geographic restructuring wave. However, the profitability of this restructuring depends strongly on the correct estimation of costs and the characteristics of the consolidation partner chosen.