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Data Analytics in a Privacy-Concerned World

Wieringa, Jaap E.
Kannan, P. K.
Ma, Xiao
Reutterer, Thomas
Risselada, Hans
ISSN-Print: 0148-2963
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2019

Data is considered the new oil of the economy, but privacy concerns limit their use, leading to a widespread sense that data analytics and privacy are contradictory. Yet such a view is too narrow, because firms can implement a wide range of methods that satisfy different degrees of privacy and still enable them to leverage varied data analytics methods. Therefore, the current study specifies different functions related to data analytics and privacy (i.e., data collection, storage, verification, analytics, and dissemination of insights), compares how these functions might be performed at different levels (consumer, intermediary, and firm), outlines how well different analytics methods address consumer privacy, and draws several conclusions, along with future research directions.