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A Cross-National Investigation into the Marketing Department’s Influence within the Firm: Towards Initial Empirical Generalizations

Verhoef, Peter C.
Leeflang, Peter
Natter, Martin
Baker, William
Grinstein, Amir
Gustafsson, Anders
Morrison, Pamela
Volume: 19
Number: 3
Pages: 59 - 86
Month: September
ISSN-Print: 1069-031X
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2011
Abstract: This study of the influence of the marketing department (MD), as well as its relationship with firm performance, includes seven industrialized countries and aims to generalize the conceptual model presented by Verhoef and Leeflang (2009). This investigation considers the antecedents of perceived MD influence, top management respect for the MD, and MD decision influence, as well as the relationships of these three influence variables with market orientation (MO) and business performance (BP). Meta-analytic procedures reveal initial empirical generalizations: Accountability, MD innovativeness, and the customer connection capabilities of the MD relate consistently to all three studied MD influence measures. The generalization also shows that MD influence contributes to BP indirectly through its positive relationship with MO and directly through its positive direct relationship with BP.