Studying Abroad

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration encourages its students to gather experience abroad. What was once but a dash of color in a career starter´s CV is today an indipensable part of professional education. For future leaders in the global marketplace, a year more abroad is indeed a must-have, as it is necessary to acquire special skills and knowledge.

In studying abroad, students get to know other methods of teaching and learning: they see new subjects and organizational structures. Furthermore, they gather valuable insights into a foreign culture. By doing academic work in a foreign language and a previously unknown environment, they collect interesting suggestions and ideas and creat a good basis for your own successful career start! Most notably, you will also enrich your identity with the experiences acquired abroad.

There are different ways to study abroad. The exchange programs offered by the Faculty are especially meant for students of economics and business administration. They allow you to stay abroad for one or two semesters during your Bachelor or Master program. The Faculty has cooperations with more than 100 excellent universities in Europe and beyond.

To find out more about studying abroad, please visit the SSIX Info Center for general information. The International Office staff are also available to answer more specific questions. Please visit the websites of the International Office and of the foreign university you’d like to visit before scheduling an appointment with the International Office. Information regarding the partner universities can also be found in the “study abroad” section of the library. Please also read the reports written by students who have participated in exchange programs as well as relevant documents in our downloads section.

Further opportunities to study abroad are available through global partnerships with the Goethe University. These exchanges are available to students of all faculties. Information about these exchanges can be obtained in the International Office of the Goethe University.

It is also possible for you to apply to study abroad at a university of your choice directly. Useful information regarding financing of travel, study and accommodations can be found at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and country specific information regarding education can be found under Links.