Studying Abroad

This website contains some useful information for those students who would like to study a semester abroad. 

If you are planning to spend a semester abroad, it is highly recommended that it be your 3rd semester, in which case there are two options available:

1. You can study a semester at one of the MMF partner universities. Please check the Website of the International Office (Auslandsbüro) at the Faculty of Economics and Business for updated Information on our partner universities.

If you are interested in studying at one of these universities, please contact the Faculty's International Office. The deadline for applications is typically each February.

2. There is also the possibility to spend the winter term of your second year of study at a university of your choice (free mover). In this case, you are responsible for organizing the whole process, while the Faculty´s International Office might be able to assist you with respect to administrative details etc.

In order to manage the accreditation of courses, you will have to fill out the "Learning Agreement", which is a simple form that you can find here. Please follow the instructions in the document very carefully!