Financial International Mobility Program

Banco Santander and Bank of Shanghai have established a joint pilot project to promote the academic exchange with selected Chinese Universities. The FIMP (Financial International Mobility Program) supports students, researchers and professors of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration with scholarships for their stay at outstanding Chinese universities:

Participating Universities

  • Fudan University
  • Nankai Univeristy
  • Shanghai Univeristy of Finance and Economics
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Peking University
  • Zhejiang University

Each university participating in FIMP receives 30.000 $ of scholarships per year.
Please note that there is no extra call for applications for FIMP for students. Scholarships for 2018/19 may be given to students who have applied and qualified for the world wide exchange of the Faculty. Phd candidates (or Post Docs) apply until 1.3.2018 at the Faculty's International Office with the following documents: CV, detailed survey of the research project at the host university (FIMP partner, please see above) and a letter of recommendation from a professor of our Faculty for the research project envisaged, as well as a letter of support from a professor of the guest university who will be your supervisor. The distribution of the grants will be decided in spring 2018 for the academic year 2018/19.

Banco Santander
Banco Santander currently cooperates with 1214 universities worldwide. At Goethe-Universität Banco Santander supports further projects like the “Goethe Welcome Centre” for international researchers. The University and its Faculty of Economics and Business Administration  would like to thank Banco Santander for its valuable and generous support.

Program Coordinator and Contact
Bianka Jäckel, International Office Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,

Tel: + 49 (0)69 798 34607,