Watch out! Exam Registration Deadline: 10.01.2020!

Dear students,

The registration and withdrawal deadline for some modules will expire by Friday, 10 January 2020.

Module specific differences may occur, please check the module information on LSF course overview and the remarks in the examination timetable:

Registration and withdrawal usually takes place via QIS- Exam Registration (Login > My Functions > Administration of exams), you can download an instruction here.
Please make sure to have your access data and enough tan numbers available.

Given problems in the registration or withdrawal process, please contact the Examination Office within the period prescribed via e-mail (pruefungsamt[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de) with a screenshot of the displayed error message attached and information about the exams you want to register.
Please use informative subjects in your e-mails and always provide your student ID number.

If the error message "Voraussetzungsfehler" appears on QIS, your application for admission ("Zulassungsantrag") is possibly missing. The application for admission is required only once at the beginning of your studies and applies especially to students having started in the winter semester 2019/20. You have to submit the completed application for admission and your exam registrations (or withdrawals) to the Examination Office by 10 January 2020. You can download the application form here:

If you have not yet submitted this admission form to the Examination Office, please fill in the form, sign it three times and post it in our mailbox immediately (first floor, RuW building, to the left of the SSIX Info Center).

Please register in time and double-check your registrations before 10 January 2020!

Kind regards and a happy New Year!
Yours Examination Office