How do incentive systems for teams work? Guido Friebel about a field experiment in a German bakery retail chain[mehr]

Four junior researchers from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration have been selected to participate at this year’s Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences from 22 to 26 August. Pramila Crivelli, Junior Professor of International Trade, Andrej Gill, former PostDoc at the chair of Uwe Walz and currently Deputy Professor at the University of Mainz, André Gröger, holding a postdoctoral...[mehr]

On May 24th, 2017, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt has awarded an honorary doctorate to Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell. The outstanding scientist from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is largely renowned for her achievements and expertise in the areas of pension finance, insurance, and financial literacy. “Olivia Mitchell is a...[mehr]

The Quantitative Marketing and Economics (QME) Conference, which has taken place at many of the U.S. top universities since 2003 (e.g. Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, MIT), will come to Europe for the first time this year. The conference offers a platform for research at the intersection of marketing, economics and statistics and will take place at Goethe University on September 1st-2nd, organized...[mehr]

After the server breakdown the websites of the department are now online again. Missing PDF material such as test regulations, leaflets etc. will be made available again in the coming days. The webpages of the departments and professors can still be affected by disturbances. If you have urgent questions please contact[mehr]

Inconsistencies across regulatory rules should be removed / Regulatory standards should not be used as means of international competition[mehr]

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