Bernd Skiera and Jochen Reiner receive Science Award („Wissenschaftspreis“) 2023

Photo: EHI/GS1/Jörn Wolter

On February 27, 2023, a project by Bernd Skiera and Jochen Reiner has been awarded the Science Award ("Wissenschaftspreis") 2023 by the EHI Foundation and GS1 Germany.

Many sellers spend a lot of money on advertising in the Amazon Marketplace (AM), aiming to increase the visibility of their products. Until now, however, there has been a lack of research evidence on how to optimize this advertising investment. Therefore, the objective of the project is to develop recommendations for sellers and to determine the optimal value of the so-called "Advertising Cost of Sale" (ACoS). The ACoS is often referred to as the main control variable in the corresponding marketplaces.

The Science Award ("Wissenschaftspreis") of the EHI Foundation and GS1 Germany honors young researchers, chairs and startups for excellent research projects related to the retail/consumer goods industry. The prize is endowed with a total of 85,000 euros and is awarded in four categories (best startup, best chair project (“Lehrstuhlprojekt”), best dissertation, best master's thesis).

You will find further information on the Science Award („Wissenschaftspreis“) via the laureate overview (here) or in the project description (here, German version).”