Corona crisis: Frankfurt research institutes launch cross-discipline dialogue platform

Four Frankfurt research institutes from different disciplines have opened the Internet platform "Frankfurt Interdisciplinary Debate"( The aim of the interdisciplinary German blog is to bring together representatives from various academic disciplines to discuss socio-political topics – currently on the corona crisis. Among the founding institutes are the Cardio Pulmonary Institute, the Research Centre Normative Ordnungen of Goethe University Frankfurt, the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (HSFK/PRIF) and the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE.

"The corona crisis shows that major social challenges require the exchange of different experts and academic disciplines," says co-founder Uwe Walz, economist at the Goethe University Frankfurt and Deputy Scientific Director of the Leibniz Institute SAFE, explaining the motivation. Policy makers currently have to make very far-reaching decisions, and it is absolutely necessary to be able to base these decisions on a broad basis of expert knowledge. "In the current crisis situation, expertise from virology and epidemiology is of crucial importance," Walz said. "However, it is equally important to consider ethical, legal, economic and other principles, such as freedom, democracy and justice. We urgently need an interdisciplinary exchange on the corona crisis and on the adequacy of the measures currently in place".
The new platform invites experts from all disciplines to contribute to the debate with contributions to enable a comprehensive view of the current situation across disciplines. The "Frankfurt Interdisciplinary Debate" aims to focus on an academic exchange, but also welcomes factual and problem-oriented contributions from outside the academic community.

Contact: kontakt[at]frankfurter-debatte[dot]de