Princeton University and HEC Paris are now also relying on LiveX

Elite Princeton University and prestigious business school HEC Paris have recently begun using LiveX, a software developed at Goethe University to simulate stock markets. By this, LiveX is applied for the first time in the US.

FRANKFURT. Numerous top European universities have already decided: They are using the LiveX stock market simulation software for digital and interactive education in the area of financial markets and securities trading. As of late, one of the world’s leading business schools, HEC Paris, has also been using LiveX to train its students in stock market scenarios. With elite Princeton University as the second new user, Goethe University’s simulation software has now established itself for the first time in the US market.

What distinguishes LiveX from other solutions: Unlike simple stock market simulations that allow private investors to test only certain elements of stock market trading, LiveX simulates real events on the securities markets in all their complexity by providing all the important market models used on international stock exchanges, such as continuous trading and auctions. LiveX thus enables universities and institutions in the financial sector (such as Deutsche Börse, the Swiss Stock Exchange and Stuttgart Financial) to realistically reproduce the world of securities trading when training traders, staff and students.

Professor Peter Gomber assumes that Princeton University’s decision was prompted by the fact that LiveX is very realistic and easy to use for both teaching staff and students. “It’s very pleasing that more and more top international universities and institutions are becoming aware of LiveX and making use of the opportunities for digital and interactive teaching in the area of trading. We hope to be able to inspire further interested parties in and outside Europe to join the LiveX community in the future.”

During the pandemic, the team has also further developed its market and trading simulation software to create a cloud-based solution. Thereby, the use of LiveX, which was previously dependent on a laboratory environment, is now possible around the clock and regardless of where participants are located.

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